It’s a common belief that you shouldn’t grocery shop when you’re hungry because you will buy more, and now Cornell University has proof. Their study found that people who hadn’t eaten anything in the five hours prior to shopping bought nineteen percent more groceries than those who had consumed a small snack of wheat crackers. In fact, the hungry shoppers purchased thirty-one percent more high-calorie snacks.

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To follow up their study, the researchers compared those who shopped right after lunch with those who shopped in the late afternoon. Late-afternoon shoppers, who were presumed to be hungrier because they hadn’t eaten for a few hours, bought fewer low-calorie foods than those after-lunch shoppers who were likely well-sated. The researchers conclude that skipping meals can lead to higher calorie choices in the supermarket. (To read more visit Cornell Chronicle.)

In my opinion, the researchers made a big assumption that those who grocery shopped right after lunch time had eaten lunch, and those who shopped in the late afternoon were hungry. The summary of the study that I read made no indication that the shoppers were asked when they last ate.

Regardless, I don’t doubt there is some validity in what they found. I think most of us have experienced the feeling that everything looks good when we’re hungry. But do we always throw the appealing food in our carts?

Speaking of shopping carts, a study of 6600 North American consumers performed by Market Force Information, revealed that Trader Joe’s is the top grocery store choice for customer satisfaction. People were particularly pleased with the store’s atmosphere and quick checkout.

When rating groceries for quality and health-conscious attributes, Whole Foods won top honors.

I like Trader Joe’s , but I can’t do all my shopping there. And when I do visit, I need to have lots of time to peruse. I never know what I’ll find, but I’ll likely find something interesting to try. The same goes for Whole Foods except that in addition to needing extra time, I need extra money.

If you are interested in learning more, see the Market Force website.

What’s your favorite grocery store and why?

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