WHERE THERE IS WILL (currently out of print)

Sometimes the hardest person to love is yourself.

At the end of her twenty-year marriage, all Michelle Loeser has is a ring-mark on her left finger, fifteen extra pounds, and a loyal friend who’s taken her in. Her confidence was gone long before she moved out of the house in the suburbs. So when her boss asks for a volunteer to transfer to their London office, Michelle figures she has nothing to lose except weight.

On the plane to London, Michelle meets popular film star Will Sheridan, who offers to help her acclimate to the city in exchange for cooking lessons. As their friendship grows, so does their attraction. Michelle views it as a harmless way to boost her deflated ego, until she hears a woman in Will’s flat late one evening, and she realizes she wants more than friendship. It’s bad enough that he doesn’t know a matzah ball from a potato latke—the big problem is that he’s only half her age. When their relationship becomes intimate, then falls under public scrutiny, Michelle must decide: remain a cast-aside woman with self-esteem issues, or face her fears and love herself enough to pursue her dreams.

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  1. Laura Evnin said:

    Hi Monica! Mickey gave me the link to your book! Mazel tov!