I am so excited to introduce my new website banner and Facebook fan page cover! (You can view the cover here) I’ve been working with a great graphic artist, Talya, and she’s done a great job of capturing what I was looking for. Check out Talya’s website here.

To celebrate the new design, I’m rolling out a new blog too. I’ll be covering topics I hope to be of interest to middle-aged women– from health to fashion, beauty to finance–whatever appeals to me at the time I write. If there are any topics you’d like me to cover, use the “Contact Me” page to let me know.

I hope to make at least one post a week, but as we all know too well, sometimes other things take precedence (like family, health, work, and a great chapter I just can’t stop writing 😉 ). I’d love for you to follow me, and if you like what I have to say, please share my posts with your friends.

I’m kicking off my blog with a series about mistakes middle-aged women make when it comes to fashion and beauty. I hope you enjoy it.