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Image of middle-aged woman on scale

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A study led by Professor Clare Collins of the University of Newcastle in Australia followed healthy women aged 48 to 56 for six years, and found those who ate the most healthy foods gained just as much weight over that time as those who ate the least healthy foods – about 1.7 kilograms, which translates to 3.75 pounds.

How depressing. Might as well double up on ice cream and skip the salad. Kidding. Really I am. Except for maybe one day a week 😉

Seriously, I think the study suggests that not only is what we eat important but how much we eat and the amount of physical activity we get plays a big role in what we weigh in middle life. I’ve seen that to lose weight, I need to cut my portion sizes waaaay down. Measuring food gives a true picture to how much we eat versus how much we should eat. For example, 3/4 cup of cereal doesn’t even fill half the bowl. And it’s not that big a bowl. Unless we significantly increase our exercise, we just cannot eat like we used to.

Bummer. Pass the cucumbers please. And the water pitcher.

What are your tips for controlling your weight after age forty-five?

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